Special Educational Needs

At Brookside, most children will progress well through the curriculum with some differentiation being made to teaching styles. However, some children will need more help or different help from this in order to make good progress at school. These children are considered to have special educational needs. Special educational needs can cover quite a wide range including physical or sensory impairments, learning difficulties, communication difficulties, emotional or behavioural difficulties. If you have any concerns about your child’s learning at any time, please come and speak to the class teacher or Zoe Poppleton the current SENCo.

On the links below, you will find information about Brookside’s SEN policies as well as information provided by Nottinghamshire County Council for parents who have a child with an additional need.

Fun Fit
Children playing Boccia

Using the Tablets

There are lots of activities the children do with a teaching assistant at Brookside to help to improve their Literacy and Numeracy skills. Playing a game on a tablet with a teaching assistant is just one of them.

Fun Fit

Fun Fit is an exercise programme that runs regularly at Brookside, led by one of our teaching assistants. It is designed to improve a child’s co-ordination and underlying postural stability and balance.


Boccia is a Paralympic sport. In 2012, the British team took part in Boccia in the Paralympic Games in London and won two medals. Mrs Peatman organises a Boccia club at school for any children wishing to participate.