Pupil Premium

During 2015/16 Brookside Primary School received £24,830 in Pupil Premium.

The Pupil Premium at Brookside

During 2015/16, there were nineteen pupils on the school’s pupil premium register.  53% of the pupils on the Pupil Premium register were also on the school’s SEND register (compared to 15.5% of all pupils and 13% of all pupils nationally in 2015).

In July 2016, 53% were working at expected age related level in reading, 21% in writing and 47% in maths.  This compared to 68.5%, 63% & 69% for all pupils.  The gap is 15.5%, 42% & 22% in these three subjects.  Although attainment lags behind non-PP pupils and is impacted by the significant number of pupils on the SEND register, the progress these pupils make continues to be good and is in line with their peers.

The premium has been used at Brookside in the following ways:

  • trips and residentials for eligible pupils
  • school uniform
  • the acquisition of individual learning resources
  • 1:1 learning provision to narrow the attainment gap between all pupils
  • specialist ICT apparatus
  • Rushcliffe primary schools’ Behaviour Support Specialist.


Our performance data shows that of the FSM children who left the school in July 2015 (two pupils), 100% achieved the age related expectation in reading and in grammar, punctuation & spelling.  50% (one out of the two) achieved the age related expectation in mathematics.  The other child, on a standardised score of 80 – 120, where 100 is the expected level, achieved a score of 98.