Promoting British Values at Brookside School


Pupils vote for School Parliament at the beginning of each school year. Pupils give a short presentation to peers in an election campaign.

In the School Parliament, Pupil Representatives take ideas forward, meetings are minuted and outcomes are fed back to each class.

Pupils Representatives attend termly meetings at County Hall for the Rushcliffe Pupil Parliament, along with representatives from thirty other schools to discuss issues of shared interest.

Class rules are discussed, agreed, signed and displayed by each class at the beginning of each school year.

Pupils undertake a valued role in interviewing new teachers. Also during the interviews, a small group of pupils are included for a teaching session by interviewees.

Issues of democracy are presented through topic work i.e. Ancient Greeks, Royal Family, The Wind Rush.

Parents, carers and pupils are highly valued through an open door policy.

All Year groups assume responsibility for eco and sustainable projects – recycling (batteries, mobile phones, glasses, ink cartridges), energy efficiency (saving water and electricity), and gardening (growing vegetables, composting).

Rule of Law

All pupils are aware of the expected behaviour through Assemblies and focused weeks during the year e.g. Anti- Bullying.

Within our school there are clear expectations and rules, which are consistently reinforced throughout the day by all members of staff.

During Circle time/ PSHE activities, pupils are encouraged to learn to manage their behaviour and take responsibility for their own actions.

Our Behaviour Policy sets core principles for making the correct choices in life and pupils understand the consequences of their actions. Pupils regulate their own and peers’ actions through the Peace Makers and Play Leaders programmes.

Pupils in Year 6 undertake the DARE Programme (Drugs Awareness and Resistance Education) developing their understanding of any issues they may encounter in the transition to Secondary School and beyond.

Our pupils are taught the values and reasons behind laws that govern and protect us, through DARE, Behaviour Policy and visits from Dog’s Trust, NSPCC, Fire Department, St Johns Ambulance and more.

Teachers provide regular opportunities for pupils to learn about and discuss topical events, watching and discussing Newsround and subscribing to First News.

Significant events and anniversaries in both British and world history are brought to the pupil’s attention through presentations, visitors, displays and themed days.

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 are given the opportunities to participate in the Bikeability programme. Pupils learn about the rules of the road and how to keep themselves safe.

Pupils in Year 4 participate in Forest School Programme every year and learn about the Country Code.

Individual Liberty

Pupils are given opportunities to take on roles and responsibilities such as Peace Makers, Play Leaders, Paired Readers and Class Monitors.

Pupils are given the opportunities and encouraged to participate in additional and out of school activities g. Poetry Performances, German, Drumming, Guitar and  Ukulele lessons, and Clubs (Choir, Craft, Boccia, Sporting activities).

Within school, pupils are actively encouraged to make choices whist respecting the views of their peers.

Our curriculum aims to encourage independence, build pupil confidence and self-esteem whilst also promoting equal opportunity. It allows the freedom to develop as a whole pupil.

Pupils are encouraged to understand appropriate risk taking, particularly through enriched activities such as Forest School, residential visits and trips in the local community (Library, Fire Station) and beyond.

Breaks and Lunchtimes offer a range of activities such as German lessons, school library, Boccia and Play Leaders.

Pupils are made aware of the importance of ‘E-Safety’. The rules open on the computers as the pupils use the internet. It is frequently reinforced in lessons.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Running through the heart of our school ethos and values is mutual respect for both all members of staff and pupils and is reinforced through weekly assemblies, School Parliament, PSHE and Circle Time.

Regular assemblies are led by Paul Brunning, Pastor of the Evangelical Church.

Our Programme for Religious Education challenges pupils to be respectful and understand their own and the beliefs of others.

We have an annual Anti-Bullying Programme, with ongoing reinforcement. The work produced is displayed for pupils to revisit.

During the Spring Term we have a Disability Awareness themed week, which includes visits from a local parent who speaks on disability themes based on her own experience of having Cerebral Palsy.

Strong links exist between school and the local community e.g. the Churches (Methodist, Catholic, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Evangelical and Baptist), our local care home, Derbyshire House, the Village Library, the Veterinary Surgery and Manor Farm.

Pupils efforts and achievements are celebrated across the school in a weekly Achievement Assembly e.g. with leaves for the Achievement Tree, certificates and class rewards.

We promote and support local, national and overseas charities e.g. Forces Boxes, Red Nose Day, Children in Need, Sport Relief, Police Clothing Bank and East Leake Carnival.

Our Physical Education activities promote an attitude of equality and fairness within our school and other local schools.

During the autumn term we participate in a European Language Day encouraging pupils to respect and celebrate different languages and promoting cultural diversity.

Pupils represent Brookside School at Rushcliffe’s Pupil Parliament.

Our pupils represent Brookside School at community, fundraising & raising awareness events.