Charity Work at Brookside

At Brookside, we like to make a positive contribution and help others. This page outlines what we are hoping to support over the coming year and when.




Unwanted books




Unwanted coats


Unwanted shoes

In July and October we will be collecting food for the charity. Please could this be any food apart from pasta as the charity have informed us that they have an overwhelming amount of this and are not in need of anymore at the moment. They are in great need of tinned food and other packets of food. Many thanks for all your help and donations.
In July it will be the unwanted shoe collection. We thought it would be a great idea that on the last day of school your child could leave their unwanted shoes on their desk .

If you wish for your child to participate in this , could you please send your child in with a pair of shoes to go home in.

Any questions please ask Miss Smith