Our Vision at Brookside School

At Brookside, we strive to be a warm and inclusive school, welcoming children from our local area and are open to adapting and developing strategically in order to achieve this.  We believe that all members of our school community should work together to maintain a safe and stimulating environment both within school and within our local and global community.

We believe that learning for all pupils should be enjoyable, purposeful and challenging, so that they can perform to the best of their ability.  Our vision is that we will enable each child to acquire the skills they need to become independent and confident learners.  We encourage children to take ownership of their learning by working together through peer review, a highly empowering skill.

By offering inspirational teaching, we strive to provide a happy and supportive setting in which the unique potential in every child is realised.  Our aim is to maintain our position as a high achieving school by enabling pupils to perform at their optimum.  We do this by developing the whole child through positive attitudes and partnerships and meeting individual needs.  We are forward thinking, innovative and eager to celebrate differences and distinctions.

We believe that shared values and positive partnerships – amongst the children, the school’s staff, Governors, parents and the wider community – will enable each child to be responsible and well prepared for their next steps in life.  We endeavour to enable our pupils to share their enthusiasm for becoming independent and confident achievers in an ever changing world.